Ultrasound For Aesthetics

Ultrasound For Aesthetics2023-09-13T15:31:18+00:00

Should I buy an ultrasound for my aesthetic clinic?

Below are the top 5 reasons to buy an Aesthetic Ultrasound for your Aesthetic practice. Click on each to read more.

Mapping for Anatomical Anomalies2023-09-07T15:41:45+00:00

The ability to look under the patient’s skin is a reminder that every patient is unique and anatomical variations, like arterial pathways, occur within a patient population. To confirm where you are or prepare for the unknown, Point of Care Ultrasound, or “POCUS” is the aesthetic injector’s best instrument.

Diagnosing Facial Pathology2023-09-07T15:42:13+00:00

Is that a lump or a nodule? Is that a hematoma or a vascular occlusion? Proper diagnosis is the key to proper treatment and improved patient outcomes. Utilizing Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) for the diagnosis of facial pathology can be a valuable asset in aesthetic practice. Additionally, the ability to employ ultrasound-guided injection for their treatment offers a distinct advantage of visualizing beneath the skin for precise needle guidance and targeted placement.

Prevent & Manage Complications Like Vascular Occlusions2023-09-07T15:42:41+00:00

You might consider using ultrasound to map and locate arteries before treatment to prevent vascular occlusions. Unfortunately, vascular occlusions can happen to even the most experienced and skilled aesthetic injector, and for aesthetic clinicians who handle complications or receive referrals for emergency cases, it’s worth considering whether having ultrasound equipment readily available would be beneficial where identifying the precise location of occlusions within complex arterial networks proves to be challenging.

Safety in Advanced Techniques2023-09-07T15:43:05+00:00

As you advance in your abilities as an aesthetic injector, you’ll likely venture into more advanced techniques. This may involve injecting or dissolving in what are often considered “high-risk” areas or offering specialized treatments based on patient preferences. As your range of treatments expands, you might contemplate the use of Point of Care (POCUS) ultrasound as a valuable tool to assist you. In such cases, the safety of using POCUS may become more evident.


The ability to map, diagnose, prevent & manage complications to safely visualize the needle under ultrasound guidance in advanced techniques can be a powerful confidence-building tool, particularly in intricate injection sites, offering a sense of security to new and experienced injectors alike. You can do more and Point of Care Ultrasound can help get you there!

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